About Evergreen Herb

Evergreen Herb Ltd. is a locally founded New Zealand company. We aim to supply the most effective and highest quality traditional Chinese herbal products - a long-tested effective way to maintain optimum health.

Uniqueness is our pride. Today, various herbal products have been reviving and showing their natural power in dealing with core imbalances of the human body. Founded on the integrated ancient Chinese healthcare philosophies, traditional Chinese herbal formulas have been refined for thousands of years. By working holistically, Chinese herbal formulas aim to sustain or restore the inherent balance of the whole body, encouraging your own self-healing process to create harmony between physiology, mentality and environment.

All of Evergreen Herb's products are based on the classic formulas enhanced and modified for by herbal specialists using mild herbs and modern herb research knowledge. The herbs are formulated by the unique Hierarchy Principle of TCM for optimal beneficial effects and safety.

Efficacy is our goal. Chinese herbal formulas always focus on both root-causes and symptoms of imbalance all at the same time. This concept has been long embodied in all aspects of Evergreen Herb's products. This is why they have proven to be so effective for the body’s overall well-being.

Evergreen Herb™ products are made in series, closely related and supporting each other to provide an effective strategy for common health needs. This will help customers choose easily and change correctly when necessary to maximize the efficacy of our products.

High quality is our promise. Our products are produced to Australian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, which are recognized internationally for safety and quality. The premises are subject to frequent audits and regular on-site inspections by the Australian Health Department. Strict in-house quality control procedures are applied to each batch for heavy metal and bacterial limits. Each batch also undergoes testing by an independent third party examination authority.

Knowledge and education is our commitment. The use of holistic approach of herbal formulas also needs customers co-operation in things such as diet, lifestyle and exercise. Better understanding of the herbal products is as important as taking herbs itself. We are doing our best to provide knowledge about applications of the Evergreen Herb™ products. We are here to help you attain the best out of Evergreen Herb™ products.

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