Text Box: With a freezing winter already upon us and the seasonal flu swinging by, now is the best time for you to fight the winter blues. The Chinese have been practising traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years to treat illness and maintain good health. The same natural methods used in ancient China still apply today. Here are a few ideas, based on TCM theory, to help you and your family maintain good health and avoid the common cold.
Text Box: Winter Blues - Tips on how to avoid them for you and your family

         Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses a macroscopic method and holistic concept to explain the occurrence of cold and flu. They are regarded as illnesses caused by unfavourable influences in the environment. General health can be maintained through diet, but specific herbs and TCM remedies can be used directly to defend against cold and flu during winter.

         According to TCM, seasonal changes have a significant effect on our body. When our body does not adapt well to seasonal changes, it becomes weak and is prone to external pathological invasions.

         To defend against external pathogens, foods such as ginger, onion, garlic, spring onion and coriander are rec

ommended. These foods have a pungent flavour and ‘warming’ characteristics, which helps to expel external pathogens and aid in defending against colds or flu. These foods can be added to meals and soups or consumed specifically. They also provide tasty flavours to your dishes.

         TCM also has many effective herbal remedies which directly targets cold and flu. Some common ingredients are: Fineleaf schizonepeta herb, Divaricate saposhnikovia root, Incised notopterygium root, Doubleteeth pubescent angelica root. These ingredients defend against external pathogens and also targets penetrated pathogens. Some of these ingredients also feature in some formulas

from Evergreen Herb’s product range.

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Avoiding the seasonal cold and flu

Some content on this page adapted from:

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