How to Select Herbal Remedies

Evergreen Herb products are designed as generalised herbal formulas with unique labeling for clear indications and customer self-selection. First of all, you need to identify which of your health concerns take priority – your current main concern. Then follow the three basic steps listed below to help you choose the suitable herbal products.

Step one: Use product names. Names of our products are used as the first reference during the selection of our herbal products, meaning that you use your main concern to match the product name. For example, Meno-ease II means that the product is related to menopause.

Step two: Use the indications directly listed under product names, which is included in the “Functions” part of each product description page. These indications are used as the second reference during the selection of suitable products. For example, the indications listed under the name of Good Sleep I is “Easing Heartburn and For a restful sleep”. However, the indication listed under the product name of Good Sleep II is “For a sound sleep”. Thus, you can choose Good Sleep I or II based on if there is associated conditions, or whichever is closest to your conditions.

Step three: Read the further indications listed further down “…associated with any of following: …” which is also included in the “Functions” part of each product description page. This is particularly useful when you want to find extra information after step two, or when you choose one product from a set of closely related products. For example, Energy-Support I and II have similar indications listed under product names, but they have two different groups of associated conditions.

Note: It is not necessary to match all the indications listed during the selection of the herbal products. Select the product that is MOST suited for the customer’s conditions.

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