A Message from our Herbal Specialist

The central characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to target both symptoms and causes of health problems through employing natural ingredients. Its efficacy and safety have been proven over thousands of years. Over the last 15 years of clinical practice of TCM in New Zealand, I have witnessed many people who have gained significant health and well-being improvement through the use of TCM herbs. This has reinforced the uniqueness of TCM in complementary healthcare systems, particularly in dealing with chronic health conditions, rehabilitation, health maintenance and fitness. I have seen that TCM herbal remedies can help people who had difficulty with conventional treatments due to major side effects, allergy, drug-resistance, lack of viable treatment or conditions with no clear medical diagnosis. Many of them have benefited greatly from using TCM herbs.

However, some herbal products on the market have poor labelling, non-GMP (good manufacturing practice) manufacturers and no clear instructions. It is essential that high quality TCM herbal products are made readily available to the professionals and public. This will leave little room for those sub-standard herbal products and allow developing a healthy TCM herbal industry.

Evergreen Herb Intl. Ltd, a locally founded herb company, endeavours to promote healthy TCM herbal industry through developing and marketing quality herbal products. The ancient wisdom of TCM has been serving for thousands of years in the East and quickly gaining popularity in the West, we believe it belongs to the people of the whole world and every one deserves the benefits it offers.

- Shelly Sun
TCM Herb Specialist, Evergreen Herb.

- Masters Degree of Medicine (TCM)
- Over 25 Years Clinical Experiences in China and New Zealand
- Dip Ac. (New Zealand)
- Member of NZRA
- ACC Healthcare Provider
- TCM Practitioner (Acupuncturist and Herbalist), Sun Acupuncture & Herb Clinic

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