Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are toxic herbs used in Evergreen Herb products?

A: Chinese herbology categorizes herbs as non-toxic, slightly-toxic, and toxic. It is our policy not to use any herbs that have been noted to have toxicity in the literature.

Q: Is the dosage right for me?

A: Dosage is not straightforward, as everyone is unique. Different people have different levels of responding to specific herbs and formulas. The most effective dosage for one person may not be the most effective for another. Dosage required may also vary as the conditions change while taking the herbs. You can make such decisions yourself regarding dosage (within the recommended guidelines), since you are most aware of your body and its responses.

Q: How do I know which product is right for me?

A: All our herbal products are clearly labelled with specific conditions and circumstances. Please read them with care to ensure you select the correct formula for your condition. If you are not sure, please consult professional advice by contacting us, or by talking to your friendly retailer.

Q: Why donít I see immediate results?

A: Due to their holistic nature, herbal products usually take effect gradually. They work through restoring the balance of the bodyís Yin-Yang and supporting the bodyís natural self-healing responses. These healing adjustments need time to develop; therefore the effects of the herbs will become evident gradually. The benefit of this is long-lasting and comprehensive support for your body.

Q: Why do I see other conditions improved at the same time?

A: Our herbal products work holistically on restoring the wellbeing of the whole body to target the cause of the problem. Therefore, not only the main complains but also other conditions will be improved.

Q: Why did the product stop being as effective as it was to start with?

A: Generally speaking, reduced effectiveness is because of interactions with other parts of your life and health. Balance is required in emotions, diet and exercise as well.

In most cases, effectiveness will vary depending on the individualís circumstances. For example, some may have a and b, some may have a, b, c, d and others a, b, c, d, e.

Q: Why do I need to take a break at the end of the course?

A: The effect of herbal remedies is long lasting and will carry on during the break. Also your body needs a chance to exercise its own self-healing ability. Only if your body is not yet able to maintain the balance for itself will further courses be necessary. You also need to reassess your needs; it might be time to try something else.

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