Quality Assurance

Chinese herbal remedies are growing rapidly in popularity worldwide for its wonderful theories and unique efficacy. We believe that high quality product is essential for the interest of our customers, and the future of the entire herbal industry. At Evergreen Herb, our commitment is to provide pure and high quality Chinese herbal remedies.

Evergreen Herb™ Formulation: All of our herbal products are traditional classic formulas modified by the herbal specialists with rich clinical experiences. They are specifically adapted to the Western people. Using only mild and commonly used herbal ingredients, the Evergreen Herb™ formulas are formed according to the long-tested traditional “Hierarchy Principle” for their efficacy and safety.

GMP manufacturer: All of Evergreen Herb™ products are made in full compliance with internationally recognized stringent Australian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. This means that premises and facilities employed in the production of our herbal products are subject to frequent quality control audits and are certified accordingly. The Australian standards are some of the highest in the world, as the dietary and herbal supplements are subject to basically the same guidelines as pharmaceuticals. The GMP audits and inspections cover all aspects of manufacturing from the buildings, equipments, personnel and training, sanitation and hygiene, air and water systems, production and documentation, to storage and release of products. These are the guidelines with which Evergreen Herb manufacturers comply in every process of production.

Raw Materials: Only high quality raw herbs are used in the manufacture of Evergreen Herb™ products. The components of raw herbs are tested using methods such as atomic absorption and HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography). Evergreen Herb™ products use all natural herbal ingredients, there is no coating, flavour, preservative, artificial colouring, added sugar, gluten or lactose in our products.

Processing Procedures: The raw herbs are firstly cleaned, cut and ground for maximum extracting efficiency. The coarse powders of the raw herbs are then mixed and decocted in purified water. According to Chinese herbology, the herbal decoctions require not only that the herbs be boiled together but often involve many reductions and the addition of herbs at different times depending on the properties of individual herbs. For example, rose bud and peppermint contain volatile oils which need to be first captured and added back into the formula prior to tabletting. The rose bud and peppermint after extraction of oils are then combined with the water decoction to release their other potentials.

Quality Control: The documentation management, production procedures and quality control systems throughout the entire operation ensure that products are consistently produced to the highest standards. Testing and checking is conducted throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials through to the finished products.

All of Evergreen Herb™ remedies undergo dual-testing procedures. Certificates of analysis for every batch are issued with qualified products. Following extensive in-house testing, heavy metal and microbial content testing is conducted again at an independent third party authority to confirm the results and to ensure that the quality standards are met.

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